Dr. Emily Ruha Keller is a certified yoga instructor with a yoga business focused on Yoga Nidra and gentle flow yoga. She offers vinyasa classes for children and teens. She enjoys giving back to her community by offering classes to children with special needs as well as first responders. She focuses her Yoga Nidra classes on the rest and relaxation needs of parents, teens, and athletes.


Dr. Keller’s most recent publication is about the body, disenfranchised grief, and how yoga can help heal grief by offering a direct communication of the safety,  presence, and resources available in the here-and-now moment. Yoga also invites relaxation, which offers restoration and renewal at a cellular level. 

Keller, E. R. (2024). Our bodies: Holders of unspoken grief. In Disenfranchised Grief (pp. 42-58). Routledge.


Dr. Keller is a licensed professional counselor who integrates play therapy, sand tray, energy psychotherapy, and expressive arts in her work with clients. Emily embarked on yoga teacher training to expand her skills in mindfulness, and meditation, and invite an overall increased body-mind connection and awareness for her clients. She believes that deep relaxation, working with the subconscious mind, and mindful living are keys to healing.

 Why Ruha?

In Farsi, Ruha means “of the spirit.” To Emily, her middle name is a reminder of how to move through life–honoring spirit in connect with self and others. Connecting to one’s center or spiritual essence is the heart of all of Dr. Keller’s work.

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Emily Keller sits on a walkway in a wooded background.